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About Us

We are proud to offers an extensive variety of mustika pearls, including everything sacred stones, bezoar stones, fossilized comes directly from Indonesia. We are dedicated to building a network of community and great service for our customers worldwide. The official site is the sister of www.kingtalisman.com, as part of the development and controlled in a single operation management of Kingtalisman Universal. The Founder of this site as Practitioners Metaphysical & Spiritual Consultant, which has a lot of experience about the characteristics of the real mustika pearls Indonesia, involved directly with a team of highly trained / pawangs / shamans, who specialize the retrieval process of Mustika Pearls from Nature, Animals & Plants from reliable sources in Indonesia. The Mustika Pearls, Sacred Stone, Bezoar Stones, Fossilized, can be used for many purposes. according to user needs. We offer Mustika pearls a very unique, it has the effect of magickal power, many benefits, rare items & valuable items, so it would make your life more meaningful.
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